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Convert photo to text with our free image to text converter online within seconds. Simply upload an image containing text in our online OCR and extract text from the image for free.

Drag and drop files to extract text

Top Benefits of Our Photo to Text Converter Online

  • You can instantly extract data from invoices, receipts, forms, tables etc
  • Printed books can be converted into editable and searchable text
  • The extracted text can be converted into PDFs for efficient handling
  • Students can instantly convert images of scanned docs and books into text files
  • Businesses can digitise and index their administrative work with ease using this free ai image to text converter.
  • The extracted text from images can be better analysed and repurposed
  • You can organise and find written text easily by indexing, searching, archiving, and arranging it


How does Online-notepad’s photo to text converter Works


Upload Image or photo

First, you begin by uploading the image. Image can be uploaded from Dropbox, Drive, and system or directly pasted in the input field.


Extract Text

Right after uploading the image, hit the image to text button. Processing takes a few seconds, and the extracted editable text appears.


Download or Copy

The extracted text is now ready to use. You can download it in Doc, PDF, or txt. format. Text can also be copied directly.

Who Can Use Our Free Image to Text Converter ?

Businesses & Professionals

Paper based records and formats can instantly be digitised. Professionals can streamline and automate their processes with its help.

Students & Academics

Students can make the best use of printed material by turning it into editable text, while academics can leverage it in their research work

Print & Digital Media

This tool allows users to convert images to text in seconds using OCR technology. Media professionals can repurpose this extracted text on other forums.

Individuals with Disabilities

OCR technology is a literal lifeline for people with optical impairments. The extracted text can be read aloud by screen readers.


Key Features of Our Image to text Generator

easy note pad

Advanced OCR Technology

Its advanced OCR engine enables it to extract text from various formats with extreme precision, even from low-resolution images, scanned docs, photographs, handwritten notes, etc.

file protection

Export Options & Formats

This picture to text converter gives you the liberty to download the extracted text in the most desired formats like Doc, PDF, txt, etc, and meanwhile, it also supports all major image formats like jpg, jpeg, png, gif etc.

advanced Editing

Cloud Integration

You can directly upload the images from Dropbox, and from your system. Its cloud integration makes your work more swift, secure, and efficient at the same time.

Full Options

Data Privacy

Data security is always a prime concern of a common user. We can guarantee complete privacy and security of the user data since it is never stored on our servers after processing.

The Most Sophisticated OCR Scanner Online

  • This state of the art image to text converter is unparalleled in its accuracy, efficiency, and speed.
  • It seamlessly transforms images into editable text with extreme precision.
  • Its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can operate it easily and take full advantage, making it the top choice for all OCR or photo to text users

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It works on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that helps extract text from images.

It is a free to use tool. You do not need to pay any price at all.

You can upload up to 10 MB files for conversion.

Well, it serves multiple purposes. It makes the text searchable, editable, shareable, and easily manageable. It can be leveraged in a wide range of industries.